Can Blockchain be Beneficial to Society?

Daniel Marco, the Director General of Innovation & Digital Economy in the Government of Catalonia

Blockchain technology and decentralized governance will generate a new way of understanding how we govern our society and how we understand the role of the citizens in this new society. DLT technologies will empower citizens as the protagonist of this new governance encouraging the citizen participation and giving back to them the control of their data.

The Catalan Blockchain Ecosystem in growing year by year, in the last business map we did in January 2020 we identified 76 companies dedicated to blockchain, a 117% increase from those detected in 2018. On average, these companies have an estimated annual turnover of €120,000 and consist of 5 employees. All Catalan blockchain companies generates 400 jobs and has a turnover of 9.46 million euros.

Image of Catalan Pavilion at Blockchain Solutions World in 2019
Blockchain Challenge, organizers and participants. Held in 2019 & organised by the Catalan Government

During the last years Barcelona has become one of the most relevant digital hubs in Europe, and the determining factor for the establishment of technology companies in the city have been the ability to generate and attract talent. Barcelona is one of the relative winners in this field, as it is proportionally able to generate and attract more technological talent and quicker than other cities. According to the “Digital Talent Overview” study of the Barcelona Digital Talent initiative, published in June 2020, 77,000 digital professionals work in Barcelona, ​​9,600 more than last year.



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