How can blockchain make self-sovereign identities possible?

  • Universities: It will allow students to interact with multiple education centers for enrollment and homework.
  • E-commerce: It will improve the security of purchasing processes.
  • Financial Services: It optimizes the processes of onboarding, KYC, and AML with legal security.
  • Public Administration: It will offer high-level solutions for remote digital identification.
Founders of Validated ID
  • Reduction of management costs and verification of credentials (both educational, identity, membership, and health, among others)
  • Improve trust
  • Boosting interoperability between member countries (cross-border)
  • Align with the GDPR: Own your data
  • Privacy improvement
  • Improved User Experience (compared to current digital certificates)
Image via Validated ID’s website
  • It is ledger agnostic and by that, it means that VIDchain can support several ledger solutions and be interoperable de facto.
  • We are EBSI and Alastria compliant. Two of the ledgers that we support are EBSI and Alastria.
  • We are eIDAS compliant, using the eIDAS-bridge developed as part of one of the European Commission projects where Validated ID has been collaborating with.



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